Facebook, XING, Ecademy, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

It is truly amazing what results are beginning to be seen in posting to a blog and a “Fan Page” on Facebook with all the accompanying Social Media sites in which I participate.

Yesterday, I had contact with 2 individuals who were solely a result of my online efforts.  One was a Restoration Contractor who had questions about “mold” and I referred them to one of my sources of expertise; they’ve now subscribed to that firm’s newsletter, a sign of the value of my extensive network.  They also inquired about issues surrounding the “Chinese drywall” situation in North America.  I have read some on this new and growing issue and would appreciate any feedback from my readers re their thoughts, questions, etc.

The other individual was sourcing a blogger on Directors’ & Officers’ Liability insurance and I have agreed to prepare an upcoming blog on this issue – the whys of buying the coverage and the issues surrounding a policy for D&O.

It is now Friday afternoon and I know that my next blog will be quite lengthy so this will be much shorter.  Everyone have a great weekend and for those who are using Facebook, please become a fan of WRiskManager 🙂 .


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