Sometimes, I find that taking a little time away from being online – no, I don’t forget to take a laptop with me but just ensure that I’m offline – offers me a great deal of opportunity to reflect.

This past weekend, for example, allowed time to travel by car, visit some friends and family and enjoy more than a glass of wine with a wonderful Portuguese dinner of codfish (no, it was not all that I ate but I don’t wish to be the cause for your extensive salivating while reading this).  I had a coffee at Starbucks where I met with one of my many online friends who offered a very intriguing business opportunity which I feel can be of mutual benefit to both our businesses, and, last but not least, time to write a few blogs for posting in the coming week.  It was a mixture of both business and pleasure but time to re-create for the next work week, perhaps longer.  Yes, a productive weekend in many ways, don’t you think?

Is not the word “recreation” supposed to mean that – re-create – anyway?  Well, I always take lots of reading material with me – some of it is material that may not be “current” news but is kept for just this purpose, to reflect on life and what is taking place around us.  Often, I find something that jogs my memory and helps me to prepare another blog or idea for the simple reason that I never tire of writing, speaking, sharing thoughts with others.  And, sometimes, it is just because I may be early for a meeting or appointment and prefer to occupy my time productively while waiting.

This blog is not to be about business in a direct manner today but more about how we all need time to reflect on life – as someone mentioned to me many years ago, “stop and smell the roses”.  Life and business can be quite depressing – the super typhoon to hit the Philippines is just an example of that – and yet, we all see so much beauty around us, if we only look for it.  My friend from the Starbucks meeting was just showing me some of that beauty – he is a terrific amateur photographer, by the way – where we discussed sports, geography, politics (and we do have some opposite views here), culture and business.  Life is not just about happiness and peacefulness and surely should not be the opposite or we will never appreciate what we have in it.  We do see both good and bad and need to value what we have and appreciate it.  That is the entire purpose, in my mind, of recreation and reflection.

Have a great week, everyone!

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