I’m really a novice at all this IT stuff concerning blogging and social media so now there is even a page “about” in which I need to let you know something about me?  Hmmm – I’m nearly speechless and that is not easily found with me.

I do like to educate people – give me a topic to discuss and I’ll find a way to bring it back to insurance!  So why WRiskManager as a moniker for me?  Well, I do enjoy Risk Management and explaining how it really differs from insurance.  Quite simply, in my locale, one sells property & casualty insurance that does not include Workers Compensation and, only if dual licensed, will sell life and related products so this excludes most “P&C” people.  As a result, I like to talk about issues that affect HR, Income, Wealth and Net Worth when discussing insurance and that does seem to separate me from my competition.

I am always open to any discussion or question so please feel free to throw something at me – just don’t make it the “kitchen sink”, OK?  Seriously, I can be quite critical of the industry, at times, and my competition, quite often!  Please don’t take it as a personal criticism, though.  I do like many of my comrades but don’t see eye to eye with them on everything – it is my opinion even if I think it is a fact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you, regularly.

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